Futures Fins QD2 Blackstix Quad Rears Fin Set

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Slap in the Futures QD2 Blackstix Quad Rear Fins to morph your tri into a quad and prepare for fun. The QD2 3.75 Blackstix is a small size quad rear set that favors boards with the rear boxes set closer to the rail, away from the stringer. With an 80/20 foil and an exquisite balance of hold and drive, the QD2 is available in Small, Medium, and Large. The Blackstix rears provide an uncanny mix of response and control. Ride Number of 8.1.


Size Height Base Area Foil
SMALL 3.76" 3.71" 10.73 sq. in. 80/20
MEDIUM 4.05" 3.87" 11.67 sq. in. 80/20
LARGE 4.15" 4.16" 12.60 sq. in. 80/20

Product Details

  • Size: Small / Medium / Large
  • Fin Type: Futures Fins
  • Fins in set: Two
  • Fins Configuration: Quad
  • Material: Blackstix

Product Construction

Blackstix have a flexible Carbon Fiber tip that loads up and releases energy for generating speed when you need it. These are the lightest fins in the Futures line.

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